Pleasure angler holds the key to river catch


A fine piece of opportunistic angling lead to Duncan Charman’s capture of this sensational 11lb 4oz brace of river eels.

After watching a pleasure fisherman lose a big eel on a legered prawn during a walk along the banks of a southern river, the Aldershot, Hants-based wedding photographer decided to return for an overnight session on the same stretch to target eels by design.

Armed with several pints of maggots and a packet of prawns, Duncan returned two days later and, after laying down a bed of bait, cast his legered fresh prawn hookbaits over the top.

Not long afterwards he received a take which resulted in a 4lb 13oz specimen gracing his net, followed a couple of hours later by a decent carp.

Duncan had to wait until just before first light for his next action, but he wasn’t complaining when it resulted in a superb eel weighing 6lb 7oz.

“I’ve neglected rivers in the past because I’d always believed that targeting eels from running water was a bit of a numbers game, having to wade through countless small ones before a big fish turns up. But I’ve been proved wrong by this session,” admit ted the keen specimen angler.

“This just goes to show how important it is to act on a lead and spend as much time on the bank as possible, even if it isn’t time spent sat behind the rods,” added Korum-backed Duncan, who also lost another eel during the night when it bit through the hooklink.

He beat his big brace on 10lb mainline, 15lb Kryston Quicksilver hookl inks and size 2 Korum S5 hooks.